'Masakit Kasi Yun!' Badjao Girl Is In Tears After The Housemates Made Fun Of Her Underwear

Badjao girl, Rita Gaviola bursts in tears after the female housemates in the Pinoy Big Brother house laughed and made fun of her undergarments.

Rita was busy washing the dishes in the kitchen of the house when she heard the other housematesmaking fun of a piece of underwear in the specific part of the house.

She then rushed to the other girls who were holding her underwear and grabbed it. The girls were shocked by how she acted.

The female housemates were in complete shock with her reaction. Maymay then approached her explaining that the women thought that it was her stuff.

"Ayoko kasing pinaglalaruan 'yung gamit ko," Rita said.

The other housemates then walked up to her and explained that they thought it was Maymay's underwear. They also said that they don't want to see Rita cry.

The online community expressed their anger as well.

"Masakit talaga yun personal mong gamit pagtatawanan..swerte nga yung iba jan kase may kaya eh si rita kaya dapat sya manalo jan.." -- Kakashi Shella Viceral

"Ky rita man o sa ibang housemate yung under garment na un di parin maganda na pglaruan o pgtawanan. Arte2 ng mga batang to akala mo nman ang gaganda." --Gems Marfe Yap

Source: ABS-CBN